Top 10 Most Scandalous Programs in College Sports?? Says who?

This may be the biggest crock I have ever read. How can a team who got the DEATH PENALTY (SMU) in football or teams always filled with thugs with rapsheets miles long (Miami, FSU) rang below Alabama and Auburn? Just go read this for yourself. WARNING: If you are a fan of the SEC, you are just going to be angry!

I think we can agree that ALL college football programs “cheat” in some way, form, or fashion. (Well, except maybe Duke and Vanderbilt, but they don’t count anyway.) But is ranking Alabama and Auburn numbers one and two respectively a fair thing to do? Sure, they’ve both had their share of wrong-doings, but, at their worst, neither of them received the death penalty like SMU. You can add up all of the players from Auburn and Alabama arrested in the last ten years, and I guarantee Miami has had more in the last two– GUARANTEED. Speaking of Miami, when is the last time you saw Alabama or Auburn– or ANY SEC school for that matter– in a brawl on the field? Alabama and Auburn hate each other, yet there has never been a brawl in the history of the rivalry, and their never will be. The SEC still knows the meaning of “class,” while the ACC will remain clueless.

I thought and were more credible in their selection of articles. Shame on me. CBS Sportsline’s Mike Freeman must have forgotten about a deadline and quickly jotted something down on the back of a PAC-10 media guide. (Where is USC on his list?)

Lastly, you just can’t blame a program for wacko boosters. Just ask anyone in Auburn if they’d rather Bobby Lowder get the heck off the Plains. You’d be amazed how many people just wish he would pack up and leave town. Do the same in Tuscaloosa about Logan Young (God rest his soul.) Do you think Alabama WANTED Mr. Young to cause them to nearly get the death penalty? He acted on his own will– not that of the University.

I’ve said enough for now. I probably shouldn’t have said anything while angry, but I couldn’t help. Shameless, illogical, irresponsible media outlets tend to bring out the worst in me.

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