By George, I think I’ve got it… for now.

After hours and hours of trial and error, I think I have FINALLY settled on a new design! I wish I knew why I waited so long to discover the wonderful world of WordPress. Unless I completely lose my flippin’ mind, my days of banging out my own html are over! I hope you like the new layout, because I am pretty darn sure this one is here for a while, but then again…

Well, Becky and I are headed off to Birmingham tomorrow to have lunch with our friends Lance and Kelly Locke. We will later be having dinner with Shane Scott, and hopefully Jeff Benefield will be joining us as well. Until later, check out a couple pictures taken from our recent trip to Orange Beach.


My wife is beautiful!
Becky is all smiles…and beautiful! 😀

Our view of Orange Beach
This was the view from our condo.

I think the Barbers liked Bahama Bob's!
Something tells me the Barbers liked Bahama Bob’s.

Until later, hasta my people!

3 thoughts on “By George, I think I’ve got it… for now.

  1. Awesome. I dig it. Im sure most everybody that visits will know who you are, but it makes it look like Becky is Andy Palys 🙂 Maybe you could put an image tag on her pic when the mouse rolls over that says something like my wife becky. Just a suggestion. What is wordpress?

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