Oliver Stone finally got one right

Becky and I just got home from watching Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center. Wow. I have sat through many of Oliver Stone’s films through the years, and, on many occasions, I pondered walking out. I often disagree with how Mr. Stone turns darn near anything into a political statement. (Remember Any Given Sunday?) In my opinion, he overdoes it. That is not the case with World Trade Center. It was a wonderful film! I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house.

Many critics have said “It’s just too early” or “It’s not the right time.” What?! I am from the school that America needs not forget– no matter what! If we ever– ever— let our guard down again, we subject ourselves to another such horrific attack. I know I speak for all other Americans in saying that I never what to witness such an event ever again.

Thank you, Mr. Stone, and very well done. Oh, in case you didn’t pick up on it, I highly recommend World Trade Center.