The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

Today marks the 110th time that Georgia and Auburn have faced each other.  Surprisingly, only five points separate the two in 110 meetings.  What may be even more surprising is that Auburn and Georgia do not hate each other.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  The two schools have the utmost respect for each other.  We have Pat Dye and Vince Dooley to thank for that.  Pat Day, a former Georgia Bulldog, resurrected a decling Auburn program.  Vince Dooley, a former Auburn Tiger, did the same for Georgia.

All that aside, this is a BIG ballgame, but aren’t they allWAR EAGLE!!

One thought on “The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry

  1. I have been a huge Auburn fan before Bo Jackson! I love those guys! When the games get tough we put on our tiger helmets. Got Nick or Tricked. Either way, we are going to give them the business!

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