A good ol’ beatin’


The media, many fans, and even the coaching staff feared that Auburn would look past Vandy and on to Arkansas. Obviously, the players didn’t get the memo. Saturday, Auburn whipped Vanderbilt. Period.

Except for a late 4th quarter, excuse me touchdown, Auburn completely shut down Earl Bennett and the Vanderbilt offense. Auburn’s offense was no slouch, either, amassing nearly 500 total yards.

Brad Lester scores his first touchdown of the 2007 season.

Brad Lester dives for his first touchdown of the season

Auburn has Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and the Arkansas Razorbacks next. It’s a good thing– for Auburn– that Quentin Groves and Tray Blackmon will be back. However, I certainly don’t expect Auburn to run over the Hogs as easily as they did the ‘Dores. Maybe the Tigers won’t get the memo either. WAR EAGLE!!

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