I’ve seen the geek promise land!

I just got back from a literal geek utopia. I finally got to visit the Apple Store at the Summit in Birmingham.

The Apple Store at the Summit in Birmingham

I think I have a bruise on my chin from it dragging the floor. If it’s Apple, then let me assure you it’s in there. Of course, I had to buy something. I bought one of the iPod docks that works with the Apple remote, because my dock is the old school kind that doesn’t have the IR receiver and s-vid output. It was only $40. I really wanted to buy a Mac Pro with a 30″ cinema display, but Becky would have killed me. No seriously, I’d be dead. That rig would cost over $3000, but it is SO worth it!

The first thing that caught my eye was the Genius Bar in the back of the room. The guys who work there wear t-shirts with the word “genius” on them. That’s an understatement. If it is Apple, iPod, or Mac related, then they know it. No joke. You think I’m a geek? Go talk to one of those guys.

Another interesting thing is the absence of cash registers. That’s right. There are zero cash registers in the store. When you are ready to complete your purchase, one of the many available Apple professionals whips out a hand-held device, swipes your card, and your receipt is e-mailed to you. Top that Michael Dell!

Well, that’s enough of my drooling over the Apple Store for now. I am sure you’ll hear more from me on the subject in the future. 🙂