Change your jailbroken iPhone’s SSH password before it’s too late!

With the number of we iPhone users jailbreaking our devices, that means iPhone security has officially become an issue.  Why you ask? Well, for one, did you know that someone – ANYONE – can access your jailbroken iPhone’s file system without you even knowing? Scary huh?  Well, there is a very quick and extremely secure process you can take in order to protect your iPhone.  All you need to do is change the SSH password on your phone. This is done from the iPhone itself using an app from Cydia called Mobile Terminal, and it’s totally free!

Being the über geek that I am, I did this long ago, but I realize many users of a jailbroken iPhone have NOT done this.  If you had a jailbroken iPhone and changed your SSH password but upgraded to iPhone OS 3.X then jailbroke it again, you MUST change your SSH password again. If you never changed it to begin with, then all you have to do is follow the steps below.

Open Cydia, and search for and install the app called MobileTerminal. It’s small, so it shouldn’t long. Once downloaded, launch it. Once open, type the command at the prompt:  passwd

Now you will be prompted for your old password which, by default, is alpine. Next, enter the new password of your choice. You will then be asked to enter it again to verify.

Congratulations. You have successfully changed your iPhone SSH password. Rest assured knowing that your iPhone is now VERY secure! 😉