Life without air conditioning

I have a new found respect for our forefathers and whatnot.  Since Saturday evening, Becky and I have been experiencing life without air conditioning.  I won’t mix words with you; it sucks.

Some “professional” came Monday and “fixed” the problem for $95.  The air worked great– for three hours.  Then, our unit started tripping the breaker whenever it would engage.  The same “professional” came back today, and in all of five minutes, diagnosed the unit as “unrepairable,” but he was very quick to offer to sell us a new unit for $3500 – $4500.  Convenient (and quite shady) don’t you think?  To say the least, if I do in fact need a new unit, it won’t be coming from that guy.

Becky and I are now staying at the “Maples’ Bed & Breakfast” (her parents’ home).  We GREATLY appreciate their hospitality and kindness in our time of need.  We are going away for a three-day weekend Thursday night (more on that later), so at least we won’t be stuck in our oven of a home.  Hopefully, we’ll have the issue resolved soon.  I’ll keep you posted.

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