It’s time to clear the air.

I need to clarify something. I have heard and read a few comments from so called “bammer” fans that have gotten under my skin. Except for my friend Josh Shaddix and very few other Bama fans, apparently you just don’t understand my love for Auburn.

Why do I love Auburn?

First of all, the football team (or any athletic team for that matter) has nothing to do with it. I love Auburn because it’s AUBURN. It’s the chimes of Samford Hall. It’s free movies in Langdon Hall. It’s the dread of a Math exam in Parker Hall. It’s Hey Day. It’s lemonade at Toomer’s Drugstore. It’s the eerie silence in RBD Library. It’s the stalking of students walking to cars to find that perfect parking place. It’s the half-mile hike from the student parking lot to Haley Center. It’s the smell of an aging building in Tichenor Hall. It’s The Plainsman coming out every Thursday. It’s the Tiger Hosts and Hostesses. It’s calling Foy Union and asking them ANYTHING. It’s listening to a boring lecture on the economics of some third world country in Lowder business Building. It’s the ROTC cadets in their uniforms on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It’s $.25 wing night at Buffalo’s. It’s $3.99 burger night at Niffer’s. It’s Rolling in the Hay and Velcro Pygmies at the Supper Club. It’s Rush Week. It’s “Grrr… a Tiger of a bookstore!” It’s Anders. It’s Tiger Rags. It’s Wire Road. It’s “The Mark Teixeira Song” guys. It’s Pat. It’s Bo. It’s “The Round Mound of Rebound.” It’s Jim Fyffe. It’s Dr. George Petrie. It’s Shug. It’s “Punt Bama Punt.” It’s the chills that go down your spine as you walk behind Jordan-Hare stadium while walking to class. It’s “Boda Getta.” It’s “Track ‘em.” It’s “It’s Great to Be an Auburn Tiger,” even after losing. It’s “The Jungle.” It’s Beard Eves. It’s Hitchcock Field. It’s Aubie. It’s the Eagle flying. It’s “WAR EAGLE!” It’s orange. It’s blue. It’s The Auburn Creed. It’s Auburn.

You see, loving Auburn is so much more than football. Auburn is a way of life. Auburn is an institution. Auburn is part of many people. Auburn is a part of me. Auburn isn’t about football. It’s about believing in Auburn and loving it! So, if you are reading this and you aren’t an Auburn fan, the next time you think, “Well, I guess Auburn fans will fade away now,” you couldn’t be more wrong. We aren’t the Auburn nation. We aren’t even Auburn fans. We are the Auburn FAMILY, and families stick together. Just like Dr. Petrie penned over 60 years ago, I believe in Auburn and love it.

War Eagle my family members. War Eagle.

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