More words for my Auburn Family members

I realize I may have overloaded some of you with my comments yesterday with an Auburn Creed of my own.  Well, I have more for you today.The on-going topic of “to boo or not to boo” has been circulating since Saturday.  I really don’t know how to address that, so I thought perhaps some words from another Auburn man may offer some help.
A special message to my fellow Auburn fans:

Could I have your attention please? Thank you. Now, will the real Auburn fans please stand up? Good. There are a lot of you, but you haven’t made your presence felt lately.

The folks who claim they are Auburn fans aren’t the same Auburn family I used to know. The Auburn fans of old were patient and loyal to the core. They loved their school and they wore Orange and Blue no matter what happened on the field. Sure, they loved it when their team won,but they also knew it wasn’t possible to win them all. They live and die with their team. If the tigers were playing well, or if they weren’t, the fans were always there, cheering. You never heard those folks boo the players, because they loved them win or lose. I’ve even talked to old timers who told me about cheering for first downs because touchdowns were so rare.Once, when some fans became impatient and booed the team, they were scolded by the coach who reminded them that “Auburn fans don’t do that”. So much for the boos.

There was a time when although Auburn fans hated losing they didn’t threaten to fire the coach if things didn’t go well. Auburn folks hung in there during the good times and the bad. The radio talk shows and internet chat rooms weren’t around in those days, but I think if they had been available, Auburn folks wouldn’t have used them as a forum to blast their team and coaches.

Dirty laundry wasn’t hung out for the world to see. If the family had a quarrel, they weren’t so eager to let the neighbors here about it. Those people were a lot more tolerant. They understood that young men, not robots, play football.

They’re not perfect and they make mistakes. These guys are playing a game they love at a school they love. They work very hard to prepare and give it their best shot. But so do the guys on the other team and sometimes that other team wins. The Auburn players and coaches don’t like it any more than we fans, but losing was not always a hanging offense.

Now I don’t claim to be a fortuneteller. I have no idea how many more games this football team will win or lose. But no matter what happens for the remainder of the season, let us remember that screaming for a coach’s scalp or booing the quarterback doesn’t help the situation. It only makes things worse.

When the football season is over, Auburn will still be Auburn. The school we love and support has always been special in the hearts and souls of her people.

I’m just thankful to be a member of her family. I refuse to let the emotions of some change the way I feel about her.

See you here next week.

Kindest regards and War Eagle,

Jim Fyffe

I don’t think those words from the grave are overkill.  In fact, I can’t think of a better way to relay my feelings on the “booing” issue.  Does a ticket holder have the right to boo?  Sure.  Fans boo.  But I am no fan.  I am a member of a family, and I never boo family.   I love family unconditionally.

So, I guess I am saying it’s up to you if you want to boo.  Just don’t forget what makes you part of the Auburn Family.

War Eagle.

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