I think different: Volume I

I have to clear the air about something. I have been hiding a deep, dark secret. Only a few people know this, and I have to get this off my chest. Ok, here it goes… I am a Mac user!! That’s right, I am part of that 11% (and growing) of computer users that prefers to use’s Apple’s superior product! Now, don’t get too worked up. I still use Windows XP, but whenever it isn’t locking up, crashing, getting virii, updating, or blue-screening, I use my MacBook Pro. (Did you get my sarcasm there? If not, let me clarify. I prefer to use my Mac to my Dell quite often!)

Before you verbally rip me limb from limb, let me tell you that I used to be like most of you. I loathed the Macintosh platform and Apple in general. It all got started a little over two years ago when I got my first iPod. I had several mp3 players in the past, and I wanted a new one that held lots of songs and just plain ol’ worked well. It took me about two seconds to fall in love with the iPod. I am now on my 4th iPod. I’ll get one, use it awhile, the sell it. Somehow, I usually manage a profit. (Man, I love Ebay and the Apple educational discount!) What started as a 20 gigabyte 3rd generation iPod has blossomed into a 5th generation 60 gigabyte iPod. I have read many current rumors that the 6th generation iPod will have increased storage capacities, a larger video display, a touch screen interface, and Bluetooth. (The latter will go nicely with my Oakley O ROKR sunglasses!) What will become of my current iPod? Keep your eyes on Ebay. 😉

The effectiveness and user friendliness of the iPod changed my opinion of Apple as a company, but I was still far from falling for the “Think different” mentality. Like many of you, I was thoroughly brainwashed by the Microsoft cult, er, I mean culture. After all, I had been using Microsoft Windows for over a dozen years, and I hadn’t used an Apple computer since the Apple IIe. There was no way that I, a PC technician, was ever going to fall for an Apple Macintosh based system– the “enemy” — was I?

Ok. It is way past my bedtime. Tune in tomorrow for the conclusion of my confession. Until then, the dude abides.

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