I think different: Volume III

Below is the final volume of My Mac Manifesto. If, for whatever reason, you cannot see Volume I or Volume II immediately below this post, click here for the permalink to Volume I or click here for the permalink to Volume II. Now the finale.

Did I mention there is not a single computer virus that attacks the Mac platform? No, seriously; there are NO virii that can infect a Mac! There are millions, yes MILLIONS, of nasty little boogers out there than can flat out kill a Windows machine.

Now I know that there will be times I must have some software that will only run on Windows. As I mentioned before, it’s a good thing that my MacBook Pro can run Windows, thanks to FREE software from Apple called Boot Camp. I power up my Mac, I hold the option (alt) key, and a dandy little screen pops up asking if I want OS X or Windows XP. Now isn’t that convenient?

I have gone on for pages now ranting about Mac. I have yet to tell you the real reason why I finally ditched Windows for Mac. As many of you know, I am a computer technician, which means, of course, that I work on Windows-based PC’s for a living. I love Windows. Microsoft Windows is my livelihood! The fact that Windows is often prone to crash, lock-up, and flat out be stupid, keeps me employed. It’s a good thing I’m not a Mac technician. I’d be unemployed. 🙂

When I come home after a long day at work, and I want to check my e-mail, look at Ebay, or check out Digg, I want to sit down at a computer that I can trust. Since I have been using Mac, I have never had a blue screen of death, or any other screen of death for that matter. My Mac has never crashed. My Mac has never locked up. So why do I used a Mac? It just works. What more reason do I need?

I am a Mac user. I think different.

2 thoughts on “I think different: Volume III

  1. Yo Andy,

    I was just doing a recap of your post since I’ve been busy at good ol’ Auburn. I, myself, got a MacBook before moving to the plains. I enjoy it greatly. My faith in Mac was solidified only a week after my buying it.

    I got the Microsoft Office package for it and proceeded to install it…I mean proceeded to TRY to install it. After a few attempts, I looked up the number for Microsoft Support…seeing as I thought “Surely my brand new computer isn’t messed up.” Once I was finally answered by an actual person, she was insistant on telling me that my brand new computer was messed up…after all, there was no way Microsoft could have ever messed up…sound familiar?

    I proceeded to call and tell the Mac Resource store in Huntsville of my situation. They did a all-out thorough check of my computer and Microsoft software, and do you know what they discovered? The Microsoft CD wasn’t functional….go figure. I confirmed this later by finding a friend with a copy of the software, which worked in my “broken disk drive” the Microsoft Corporation had labled.

    So, I say all this to say I’m proud of you for making your position known. Hopefully many others will benefit from your post.

    War Eagle and Think Different

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