Another Saturday, another BIG game

We hear this every year. When Auburn and LSU get together, strange things happen. From “earthquakes” to fires to five missed fieldgoals to five defensive touchdowns off turnover, we’ve seen it all. What will we see into’s edition of the Auburn – LSU saga?

#6 LSU  



It was just two years ago that we saw the evolution of a team into champions. LSU came into Auburn as the defending National Champions. Jason Campbell was a senior, but still very wet behind the ears. In the fourth quarter of the game, Auburn trailed 9-3, and then something began to happen. Jason Campbell grew up. He went from an impatient, frightened in the pocket, tentative passer, to a confident, poised, ice-water-in-his-veins, seasoned vet. You remember the outcome. Auburn prevailed 10-9 and went on to win a National Championship of it’s own. (Yes they did. It was from Golf Digest, but a National Championship nonetheless.)

Who will step up today? Will something “strange” happen this year? We’ll all find out in under two hours. Until then, and as always, WAR EAGLE!!

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