When Auburn and LSU get together, strange things happen

I have said it before, and I know I will say it again. When Auburn and LSU get together, strange things happen. This year, however, it wasn’t a fire, an earthquake, stomping on a logo, or a zillion interceptions returned for touchdowns. It was a penalty, or, I should say, a non-penalty.

#6 LSU







The game was hardcore, smash-mouth, SEC football.  In many ways, it was eerily similar to the 2004 meeting between Auburn and LSU.  As it was in 2004, a “controversial” call played a big role in the game.  Was it pass interference? I didn’t think so when I saw it. Having seen the replay, I’ll have to say it was just too close to call.

Ivan Maisel from ESPN.com wrote an outstanding article telling his account of the game.  I don’t always agree with what that guy has to say, but I must admit he can write a damn fine article.  Follow this link to read his article.

Another big week in college football has come and gone, and the ritual will continue next week.  What, you don’t think Buffalo versus Auburn next week on the Plains is a big game?  Imagine if– God forbid– Auburn lost.  How big would THAT be?  Becky and I will be there to do our part to keep that from happening.  As always, WAR EAGLE!! 

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