Bada bing

It’s over.  I just watched the finale of The Sopranos.  I’m speechless.  If you watched it, then you know what I mean.


From everything I heard and read, everyone was so sure that Tony– at least– was going to get whacked, and the show was going to end in mass chaos and pandemonium.  It just didn’t happen that way.  Phil Leotardo did get whacked, but I, at least, saw that one coming.  Phil acting in haste without consulting the family before ordering the hit on Tony and his guys.  Phil had it coming.

As far as we know, Silvio is still alive in the hospital, although his future looks bleak.  In the end, Tony and his family meet for dinner, and that is how it ends.  It just– ended.  I was looking at every character in the restaurant for who was going to pull off the hit on Tony, but there was no one there.  It all just came to and end.  All the Sopranos made it out alive and seemingly happy.  I just don’t know what to think.  It’s over.  That is all I know.

If you have something to add, please do so.  All I can say is… it’s over.

3 thoughts on “Bada bing

  1. I think the 2 black guys who walked into the restaurant were going to do it. The kicker would be if Meadow was the one who helped the 2 black guys stay out of jail. Those were the thoughts going through my head.

    But also that guy who was looking at Tony from the counter, he went to the mens room, I thought that a godfather thing was going to happen where someone might of hid the gun behind the toilet.

    I guess we will never know now

  2. I think the guy in the brown members only jacket killed tony. think about it, the way it suddenly went black and the music shut off…. the story is being told from tony’s point of view, right? if the guy shoots tony in the back of the head after coming out of the bathroom tony wouldn’t have heard anything.

  3. Chase has you looking at your watch towards the end of the show…and you’re thinking, wow, way to end it…everything’s normal..Tony doesn’t have a care in the world. Then we get to the diner and it’s almost 10:00…and Chase has the suspense going big time…you’re already envisioning the massacre to come…and then.

    I thought it was genius!!

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